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McConnell suffered from the growing excitement over the impeachment

McConnell announced in the first days of the two-week conference break that he had "no choice" but to initiate the impeachment procedure when the parliament sends articles. Since then, however, he has largely fallen silent and is dedicated to topics such as opioid financing and fundraising for Ft. Campbell and judicial nominations. McConnell held an event with Secretary of Defense …

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Jennifer Lopez & # 39; Pole Dance for "Hustlers" triggers fitness excitement

Pole dance studios and mainstream gyms across the country are experiencing a rise in business with the hype surrounding Jennifer Lopez's new movie "Hustlers" about a group of strippers avenging themselves on their Wall Street customers want. On Thursday, Lopez announced that learning Pole Dance as a stripper was "one of the hardest things I've ever done physically," as she …

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Sweet Aggression: Excessive excitement can lead to violent urges

Listen Sound of the Story 3min 33sec The Christmas season is all about cute. They have these ads with adorable kids and the movies about big-eyed baby animals. But if people notice too much cuteness, the result can be something that scientists call "cute aggression." Thinking flash: "I want to crush it" or "I want to squeeze it until it …

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NASA'S NEW HORIZONS: Excitement before the flyby of Ultima Thule

Media playback is not supported on your device. Media Caption Alan Stern: "It's pure science and pure exploration" History is written on Tuesday when NASA's New Horizons probe sweeps past the icy world known as icy world Ultima Thule , The flyby, located some 6.5 billion kilometers from Earth, will set a new record for the most distant exploration of …

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Michigan State avoids excitement vs. Utah State

CLOSE SportsPulse: Trysta Krick plays the best games of the first weekend of college football, so you have no excuse to leave your couch this Saturday. USA TODAY Michigan State Spartans wide receiver Felton Davis III (18) creates a touchdown against Utah State Aggies security Gaje Ferguson (23) during the first half. (Photo: Mike Carter, USA TODAY Sports) Lansing State …

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Excitement begins when filming Star Wars: Episode IX begins

As announced last week, the production of "Star Wars: Episode IX" on August 1 and director J.J. Abrams joined Twitter to celebrate the big day. Interested in Star Wars? Add Star Wars to keep up to date with ABC News' latest Star Wars news, videos and analysis. "Bittersweet begins this next chapter without Carrie, but thanks to an extraordinary cast …

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