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NASA’s Artemis agreements contain some rules for space exploration

The agency gave an overview of the agreements on its website, starting with the obligation of the participants to carry out activities that are only intended for peaceful purposes. Artemis partners must also be transparent with their policies, apply open international standards or develop new standards to ensure interoperability, and plan to reduce debris in orbit. The partner countries must …

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China installs antenna reflector for Mars exploration mission

China lifted and installed the antenna reflector for its Mars exploration mission in the Wuqing district in the northern Chinese community of Tianjin on Saturday. The high-performance antenna is the most important equipment for receiving data from Mars exploration. It is 72 meters high and weighs 2,700 tons. It consists of 1,328 high-precision panels and is about the size of …

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China unveils the name of the first Mars exploration mission

FILE PHOTO: A lander for China’s Mars mission is seen prior to a hover and obstacle avoidance test at a test facility in Huailai, Hebei Province, China, on November 14, 2019. REUTERS / Jason Lee BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s space agency announced on Friday the name of its first Mars exploration mission, which coincides with China’s annual Space Day and …

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10.9 million names now aboard the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Poster with the words “Send your name”: A poster was placed on the Persevarnce Mars Rover to commemorate the NASA “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign. Three silicon chips (upper left corner) were stenciled with 10,932,295 names and the essays of 155 finalists in NASA’s “Name the Rover” competition. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech. Full screen and caption › As part …

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CubeSats are small and yet enormously important for space exploration: NPR

Engineer Joel Steinkraus tests solar panels on one of two CubeSats that made up NASA's Mars Cube One mission. The MarCO CubeSats – the first ones sent into space – flew to Mars and relayed telemetry from NASA's InSight lander. NASA / JPL-Caltech Hide caption Caption switch NASA / JPL-Caltech Engineer Joel Steinkraus tests solar panels on one of two …

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NASA ICON Spacecraft launches space exploration mission

Northrop Grumman's L-1011 aircraft Stargazer prepares to launch the Pegasus XL on the skid strip of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on October 10, 2019 Company's rocket with NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON). Credits: NASA Following Thursday's successful launch, NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) is orbiting for a unique mission to investigate a region of space where …

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