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Biden faces a backlash for saying “America was an idea”, “we never made it”.

Joe Biden faced a violent backlash Wednesday night for describing America as an “idea” that “we never did justice to”. The Democratic candidate shared a clip from his interview on the “Unlocking Us with Brené Brown” podcast, which was released earlier in the day. “America was an idea, an idea,” said Biden. “‘We take these truths for granted.’ We never …

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Rudy Giuliani faces questions after he compromised the scene in the new Borat movie, the Borat movie film that follows

Rudy Giuliani’s reputation could be further compounded by the release of extremely embarrassing footage in Sacha Baron Cohen’s successor to Borat. In the film, released on Friday, former New York City Mayor and current Donald Trump’s personal attorney is seen reaching into his pants and apparently touching his genitals while playing himself in the presence of the actor, Borat’s daughter, …

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The Biden campaign faces a backlash for television commercials portraying Michigan tech CEO as a struggling bar owner

The Biden team is under fire for launching a TV ad campaign last week featuring a Michigan bar owner struggling to keep his business going during the pandemic. What the ad doesn’t mention is that the man is actually a wealthy tech investor who made contributions to the former Vice President’s campaign. He also backed Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s orders …

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Amy Coney Barrett faces questions on day three of the Senate hearings

Washington – Judge Amy Coney Barrett returned to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday for the second day of questioning in her confirmatory hearings for the Supreme Court, after denying some of the most pressing questions she asked in the first round of marathon interrogation, if upheld by the Supreme Court. The survey round on Thursday is shorter. Each senator …

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The richest king in the world faces transparency requirements in Thailand

The crown prince of Thailand’s third marriage broke into garish headlines: The princess was stripped of her title, her parents and brothers were imprisoned on vague corruption charges, and her uncle was relieved of his senior police post. Then the heir to the throne had to refine a divorce settlement. Fortunately for the prince, he had access to one of …

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Coronavirus Live News: Paris faces “high alert” as India nears 100,000 deaths | World news

French authorities could put Paris on maximum virus warning as early as Monday, potentially requiring all bars to close and other new restrictions if Covid-19 cases increase, Health Minister Olivier Veran said Thursday, AFP reported. The capital and its nearest suburbs with almost seven million inhabitants have already exceeded the maximum alert thresholds, Veran said at a press conference. “It …

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