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The California Republican Party says it will fail to honor the state injunction on ballot boxes

The unauthorized ballot boxes, which were declared illegal by state officials, were found in at least four counties across the state: Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and Fresno. “The election harvest program continues,” California Republican Party spokesman Hector Barajas said in a statement to CNN. The battle for the unofficial dropboxing stems from the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has sparked …

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Dodger’s decisions in the fifth inning fail in the loss of NLCS Game 2

The Dodgers followed at one point with seven runs on Tuesday. There is little point in studying the anatomy of a blowout. But for the Dodgers, that one-time defeat is incredibly painful, and not just because the Atlanta Braves are halfway through the World Series. The Dodgers’ 8-7 defeat in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series forced a …

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The British draft law to repeal the Brexit agreement would violate international law if negotiations fail

The British government ministers on Wednesday published a draft of the controversial “Internal Market Act” which in practice would admittedly violate international law by suspending parts of the Brexit exit agreement from the European Union. “The withdrawal agreement has been signed and ratified by both sides. It must be applied in full,” said European Council President Charles Michel in a …

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Would the $ 600 PS5 be doomed to fail?

PS5 Sony Well, yesterday I asked the above question whether a hefty $ 600 price tag would “doom” the Xbox Series X and I was asked if the opposite was true. Similarly, would the same price jeopardize the launch of the PS5? I thought I would investigate that question today. My general impression that between Sono’s current gen lead, losing …

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Ben Simmons injury update: 76s fail indefinitely with partial luxation of the left kneecap

Now watch: Breaking: Ben Simmons out with knee injury due to unknown time (2:35) The Philadelphia 76ers will do without Ben Simmons for the foreseeable future. The All-Star striker suffered a subluxation of his left kneecap against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, the team said on Thursday. Simmons is currently reviewing various treatment options for the injury, and the two-time …

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