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Fake Berlin Wall, which was mined before the game by German football fans

US. Artists mark the fall of the Berlin Wall US. The artists Lisa Bielawa and Sheryl Oring have spent a lot of time interviewing the Berliners about their experiences before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the 25th anniversary Oring typed in a project called Maueramt to the 30th anniversary postcards based on these oral traditions. …

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Top YouTuber says 'hundreds' of fans unfairly lost Google access

One of YouTube's most popular creators, Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, took a stand against the platform on Friday with his video titled "YouTube has a huge problem …" Fischbach said "hundreds" of his fans were suspended from their YouTube and Google accounts after "spamming" emotes, YouTube's emojis, via his direction in his chat, for a livestreaming event he hosted in partnership …

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Google bans Markiplier fans for YouTube Emote spam

These days, our Google accounts are bound to more and more aspects of our lives – our smart home, our email inbox, and even our livelihood as a YouTube creator or Android developer. All are tied to a universal Google Account. Several Markiplier fans this week have been expelled from their entire Google Account for spamming Emotes into a YouTube …

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Pokemon Fans Light Up Social Media With #ThankYouGameFreak

If you are looking for an innovative Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will be really pleased. A vocal contingent of the Pokemon fandom has been very critical of developer Game Freak, and have just been spotted on by recent leaks. Sword and Shield due to "operational reasons." But a new social media hashtag campaign has emerged, showing off a much …

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JR Smith makes Lakers fans sit up after revealing his last flight

Could the Henny God reunite with LeBron? JR Smith had an interesting career in the NBA, which was highlighted in 2016 by an NBA championship and pushed into the background by perhaps the worst game in basketball history in 2018. Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers gave up Smith completely and ended up releasing him at the end of the season. …

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MCU fans reveal their # 1 favorite scene & Avengers: Endgame & # 39;

Avengers: Endgame was an action-packed saga filled to the brim with allusions that evoked nostalgia and sentimental moments that made the heart beat faster. From Tony Stark and Peter Parker's reunion to Widow's sacrifice for Hawkeye and Thor's brief moment with his mother, the epic conclusion was the perfect potion for any enthusiast. <img id = "mcu-best-scenes-avengers-endgame" src = "https://www.cheatsheet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11 …

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