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Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is likely to retire, fans say – but he might already have a replacement

Hawkeye (or Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner) became one of the most reluctant of all Marvel superheroes, paused for a while, and then found himself deep down. His initial retirement was for a good reason after facing some major difficulties, including fighting Ultron as a starter. At the Battle of Sokovia, mercury gave his life to save Hawkeyes and …

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PS5 fans panic about backward compatibility

Rumor has it that Sony is set to unveil the PlayStation 5 in full next week, but this time it is necessary to make sure that the news is displayed correctly. Mark Cerny’s recorded speech caused mass confusion earlier this year when he apparently implied that only 100 PlayStation 4 titles would work on the next-gen console. The platform owner …

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John Krasinski explains the decision to sell “Some Good News” after fans called it “sellout”

John Krasinski speaks. The actor recently hosted a web series titled “Some Good News” on YouTube dedicated to spreading only good news amid the coronavirus pandemic. The show had a large following during its run, followed by the announcement that Krasinski was selling it to ViacomCBS to air on CBS All Access before it hit some of the company’s other …

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