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My scared 13-year-old fled her father's house

LOVE AMY: When my daughter was 3 years old, I divorced her father – also because of his strong temperament. Columnist Amy Dickinson Now at age 13, She too is afraid of her father's temper, especially when he drinks alcohol. She just told me that she asked a friend's parents several times to pick her up, and she slept with …

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Scorching photo of a dead toddler with an arm around her father's head after drowning in Rio Grande shows the dangers of crossing the border

The heartbreaking image of a Salvadoran father and little daughter drowning on the way to the United States over the Rio Grande illustrates the human cost of the humanitarian crisis at the border. The picture that Julia shot on Monday Le Duc, published in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada showed the young daughter of Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, who was …

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Bill Cosby's Father's Day Tweet was dictated by a jail-phone

Bill Cosby Tweet on Father's Day was all mine … dictated by the prison telephone 17.06.2013 12:07 PDT EXCLUSIVE Bill Cosby 's Father's Day Stweet has convinced most people that this is a PR stunt for their team, but we've learned it comes from the Cos itself. who started him from behind bars. Cosby representative Andrew Wyatt tells TMZ … …

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Meghan Markle shares new image of Baby Archie for Father's Day

Father's Day is a holiday that honors fathers and fatherhood. The special day is a tribute to the manifold influences of the fathers on our society. The holiday is widespread in the Western world and is recognized by the masses. One notable person celebrating the holiday this year is none other than Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. The former actress …

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Prince William marks Father's Day with Louis but not George, Charlotte

CLOSE Cheers to five years of cuteness. Happy Birthday, Prince George!      USA TODAY Royals, they celebrate Father's Day with cute Instagram posts. But some are criticizing Prince William for being a little too selective with his photo choices this year. In on an Instagram post from @kensingtonroyal (the joint account for Prince William and Duchess Kate), the couple wished …

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Look through the night of the Father's Day of the Clouds to see this sight in the sky

15th June 2019 Share: Father's Day celebrations conclude with a full strawberry moon, the first full moon in June, and the last full moon of spring. However, thunderstorms and partly cloudy skies make observation difficult in some parts of the United States. Rain will plague the southern plains through the Mid-Mississippi Valley and the Ohio Valley until late Sunday night, …

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