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Microsoft Teams offers a flood of new video conferencing features

Video conferencing is hot these days and almost everyone is trying to grab a piece of this juicy cake. Originally conceived for the takeover of Slack, the Microsoft platform for teams has now got on a train that Slack has so far been unable to catch up with. As video conferencing use cases increase, so does the demand for new …

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Practical changes and features of iOS 14 Beta 2 [Video]

Yesterday’s version of iOS 14 Beta 2 isn’t as full of features as previous Beta 2 successors to major iOS versions, but it’s brimming with subtle improvements and changes. Watch our handy video tutorial as we go through over 50 new changes and features in iOS 14 Beta 2. New function “picture in picture” In iOS 14.2 Beta 2, there …

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Samsung updates the mid-range Galaxy A51 and A71 with the flagship camera features S20

Samsung is updating its Galaxy A51 and A71 phones with a number of new features from its flagship Galaxy S20 series. This includes new camera functions such as Single Take and Night Hyperlapse as well as new functions for approval, search and translation. Samsung’s announcement doesn’t say exactly when the update will be released, however GSMArena Previously, it was reported …

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Apple offers iOS 14 with new accessibility features like AirPods Pro Audio Optimizations

Apple has developed new accessibility tools for its popular devices. Angela Lang / CNET With iOS 14Apple brings countless new accessibility tools to its devices, including some that people with disabilities might also find helpful. The list ranges from the ability to adjust the transparency mode in AirPods Pro to capturing multiple images with the iPhone magnifying function. And the …

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There are features on Titan that really look like volcanic craters

On September 15, 2017, NASA Cassini orbiter ended his mission by immersing himself in the Saturn atmosphere. Over the 13 years that the Saturn system was studied, it revealed a lot about this gas giant and its largest moon, Titan. In the coming years, scientists are striving to send another mission to Titan to track Cassini and better investigate its …

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