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KS4GMs Cabin Fever Fifth Redskins 2020 Mock Draft

The draft is now less than two weeks away, and most of us can’t wait. Discussions about the intricacies of the strategy design and player ratings have started to take on the imaginary importance of international diplomacy. This place is a powder keg. Ron Rivera and Kyle Smith seem ready to consider a # 2 trade, but this draft never …

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Chris Cuomo’s “haunted” night with coronavirus: fever hallucinations, chills and a broken tooth

The cause of Cuomo’s insomnia? “This virus attacked me, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Cuomo said, telling viewers that he was plagued by a fever of around 103 degrees. “That wouldn’t stop.” “It was like someone punching me like a piñata,” he continued. “I was shaking so much … I broke my tooth.” Then there were fever-related hallucinations. “My …

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14 apps and tools to fight cabin fever

$ 7 per month (5 free sessions), Android and iOS The Brain.fm app offers something different than the norm and generates an unlimited playlist with algorithmically tuned sounds to increase productivity, relax or make it easier for you to fall asleep. You can choose from a variety of sounds and themes – natural, classic, cinematic and more – then set …

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Pandemic drones that can detect fever will fly to the sky

During the COVID-19 crisis, drones are increasingly used, especially as surveillance tools and mobile speakers, to remind people of the importance of the lock. However, there are other applications for drones. Last month, Digital Trends wrote about how Draganfly, one of the longest-running commercial drone companies, was working on drone deployment technologies in the coronavirus pandemic – using an integrated …

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Bolton bolt and Iran war fever drop suddenly

Bolton is known to be the man who never encountered a war he did not like (except for Vietnam, which he avoided). The conflict with Iran was the war he apparently liked the most. In 2015, he wrote an editorial in the New York Times titled "Stop Iran's Bomb, Iran Bomb." He was a regular (paid) speaker at the annual …

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Trump's contradictions meet with fever

Another busy day, with the head's tireless commander-in-chief taking the spotlight, showed how what used to be outrageous became routine in Washington's predecessor, Barack Obama, now more than 20 times in two and a half years is retired – an outbreak of vitriol, which is impressive even for Trump. Along with a spate of tweets, Trump's Day reflected that Strange …

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