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Broncos vs. Titan’s bottom line: Stephen Gostkowski redeems himself with a game-winning field goal

The Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans faced each other in the final game of the first week, and things were predictably tough and badly rated – albeit exciting in the waning minutes when Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski recovered with a game-winning field goal. Gostkowski was the mockery of the night after four consecutive failures (one with an extra point attempt), …

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Physicists used graphs to build an extremely small magnetic field detector

Often times, it’s the smallest scientific measurements that matter most, and researchers have developed a new, super-tiny device that can detect magnetic fields even when they are extremely weak. The device, a novel superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), is only 10 nanometers high, or about a thousandth the thickness of a human hair. It consists of two layers of graphene, …

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NFL Opening Day 2020: What to Expect On and Off the Field

The season begins on Thursday at 8:20 p.m. (CET) and will be played by the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans, at Arrowhead Field in Kansas City, Missouri. The first difference will be the booths. Many professional sports teams that have returned during the Covid-19 pandemic have chosen not to have fans or spectators …

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Primary mirror for NASA’s Roman Space Telescope completed – field of view 100 times larger than Hubble

A member of the L3Harris team removes a piece of cloth from the primary mirror of the Roman space telescope. Photo credit: L3Harris Technologies The main mirror of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, which collects and focuses light from near and far cosmic objects, has been completed. With this mirror, Roman captures breathtaking space views with a field of …

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Breathtaking new images of the sun show the popcorn-like magnetic field structure of our star

Need a little more Sun in your life? German scientists have just upgraded a solar telescope called GREGOR at the Teide Observatory in the Canary Islands. The result is a spectacular new collection of images of our star. “This was a very exciting, but also extremely challenging project,” said Lucia Kleint, scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics in …

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South Atlantic Anomaly and Developing Dent in Earth’s Magnetic Field – MercoPress

South Atlantic anomaly and developing bump in the Earth’s magnetic field Saturday, August 22, 2020 – 08:01 UTC A fairly well-known phenomenon called the South Atlantic Anomaly refers to the unusually weak magnetic field over South America and the southern Atlantic A dent in the protective shield sounds scary to anyone, but what are scientists talking about when they say …

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