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This California earthquake swarm lasted 4 years. We can finally know why

With the help of 3D modeling and machine learning, scientists believe they have solved the puzzle of the tiny earthquakes that regularly occurred in Cahuilla, California from early 2016 to late 2019 – a period of almost four years. A natural liquid like water or liquid carbon dioxide is probably the culprit: as a new study shows, it has probably …

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Inflation dog can finally bark, investors bet

LONDON (Reuters) – gold, forests, real estate stocks, inflation-linked bonds – these are just a few of the assets investors are investing in as the recent explosion in government spending and central bank incentives could finally boost inflation in its decade – long sleep. FILE PHOTO: NYSE-AMEX Options Floor traders from TradeMas Inc. work in an external trading office that …

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Skate 4 finally announced by EA

EA finally gave us what we have dreamed of all these years Guys, skate is back. Did we get a trailer for Skate 4? Did we get gameplay material? Did we even see a single screenshot of what the expected Skate 4 will look like? EA just said the name Skate, said it was being worked on and it was …

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