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Chance to find young Earth-like planets higher than previously thought

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Studies by the University of Sheffield have shown that the probability of finding Earth-like planets in their early stages of formation is much higher than previously thought. The team examined groups of young stars in the Milky Way to determine if these groups were typical compared to theories and previous observations in other star-forming regions in …

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Incredible fossil find is the oldest known parasite

Enlarge /. Artist’s impression of what this brachiopod – and its parasites – would have looked like. Zhifei Zhang (Northwest University) From the perspective of a legacy-seeking creature deep in the earth’s history, there is little chance that you will reach the big time. The chances of being petrified are slim enough. You must die in the right place, be …

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My favorite trick for Google Home and how to find it

Chris Monroe / CNET Say “Hey, Google, good morning” to your smart Google Home speaker and they’ll take action. The integrated Google Assistant welcomes you, shows you the time and weather forecast for the day, informs you about your calendar and starts playing the messages. Routines can help Google Assistant behave like a well-trained human assistant. With one command, you …

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Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro find that their populist game books are not up to the corona virus

To their great disappointment, macho leaders from these countries find the virus immune to their game books. Intimidation, scaring and propaganda simply don’t work. The sharper tools prove that being led by science, communicating transparently and planning long-term. Trump, Bolsonaro and Putin initially downplayed the risk of the corona virus, experts say, even though they saw it overwhelm nations like …

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Trump threatens to find a new GOP convention site if the governor of North Carolina does not allow full participation

President Trump warned on Monday that planners would be “reluctantly forced” to find a new location for the Republican Convention if the governor of North Carolina could not guarantee that the party would attend the event currently scheduled in the state’s largest city ” fully participate “. The congress is scheduled for the week of August 24 in Charlotte. REPUBLICANS …

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Pompeo ordered the officials to find a way to justify that a fired watchdog was investigating the sale of Saudi weapons

“They seemed to have a game plan, and it had to be justified,” said a State Department official who told CNN that during an interview with the watchdog at the end of last year, they told what had happened to the Office of the Inspector General of the State Department Investigation into Pompeo’s plan to accelerate sales. “The attitude was …

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