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Jennifer Lopez in the gym with an engagement ring on her finger

Earlier this week, as one day after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement, Jose Canseco joined Twitter to accuse ARod of cheating on ex-wife Jessica on JLo. Jessica has now reinstated her Twitter account to refute Jose's allegations: Those false allegations Jose makes are not true! 🖐🏻 I have known Alex for many years and have not seen …

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France points a finger at Iran over a bomb attack, seizes assets

PARIS (Reuters) – France said on Tuesday there was no doubt that the Iranian intelligence ministry was behind a June attack to attack a rally of an exile opposition group outside Paris and assets from Tehran's intelligence services and two Iranian nationals confiscate. The hardening of relations between Paris and Tehran could have far-reaching implications for Iran, as President Hassan …

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The astronaut uses his finger to mix the hole on the resident field

Astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Dwelling Company knows that you should live in the Worldwide Dwelling region's ingenuity. (Photo: NASA Johnson / Flickr) There will only be something pleasant about a comic book, but on the morning of the 30th, it turned into the handiest thing astronaut Alexander Gerst apparently thought possible. After learning from NASA that the Worldwide …

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Will the US attack Syria again? Russia thinks so and it gets ready for action [196591] Russia has warned the US and could prepare for a new round of military action against Syria, where the Washington-led strike against the Moscow-backed government has traditionally followed reports of the use of chemical weapons. The Russian The Defense Ministry issued a new warning on Monday stating that the Pentagon would expand its naval capabilities in the Middle East in anticipation of chemical weapons attacks, followed by US-led rocket attacks on pro-Syrian government forces preparing for it The final to storm the rebels held the bastion of Idlib in northwestern Syria. The US has accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of committing internationally-limited poison gas attacks and other war crimes against opposition fighters and civilians, but his Russian and Iranian allies have supported the Syrian leader by rejecting the claims and at times accusing his local leaders and international critics for conducting such events. "The United States is building the group of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East as part of the preparations for another provocation in Idlib province to be presented as alleged use of chemical weapons." Russian According to Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, according to the state news agency Tass. [1659002] Konashenkov pointed his finger at alleged support from the jihadist coalition that dominated Idlib, saying, "These preparations confirm US intentions as an excuse to use a likely simulation of chemical attacks by government forces, the Hayat T Ahrir Al-Sham fighters are planning with the active support of British intelligence agencies. " US Navy Arleigh Burke Class Steering Gun Destroyer USS The Sullivans and the Military Sealift Command connect USNS Choctaw County Transit high-speed ship through the Strait of Hormuz 8th August. Russia said the presence of the ship in the Middle East, along with other military assets, are signs of impending action against Syria. Lieutenant Daphne White / U.S. Marine / Reuters The US was a supporter of Syrian insurgents who attempted to overthrow Assad after a 2011 uprising, but withdrew support as the opposition became increasingly dependent on Islamists and Islamists were influenced by jihad forces. In 2014, the US formed a coalition to start the bombing of the militant group of the Islamic State (ISIS), which conquered about half of Iraq and Syria. The following year, Russia entered into conflict to overthrow the government of Syria against both the IS and other forces While their leaders have attempted to achieve some degree of cooperation over the conflict, they blame themselves the US and Russia are war crimes against each other, spreading misinformation about their rival missions. Russian Defense Ministry comments came on Monday, just two days after similar results were released by its Russian Center for Reconciliation against opposing sides in Syria, which also noted that "Western countries are increasing the grouping of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East." , 19659010] Keep up with this story and more "USS Sullivan's destroyer USS Sullivans has boarded the Persian Gulf with 56 cruise missiles on board and Al-Udeid Air Bases in Qatar The US Air Force strategic bomber B-1B was repatriated with 24 JASSM air-to-surface missiles, with which the West is ready to back terrorists and commit an act of aggression against a sovereign state in violation of all international norms, which inevitably In its daily report Under President Donald Trump, the US has twice returned Syria to Syria in response to the crisis in the Middle East region and in the collapse of the peaceful settlement process of the Syrian conflict alleged use of chemical weapons attacked. Russia and Iran condemned both attacks and called for the US's withdrawal unless it cooperated with the Syrian government, which has regained most of the country with the help of its international allies, to find a solution that would end the seven-year-old would be war Russia also threatened to take measures to protect its armed forces in Syria. On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Admiral Grigorovich and the Admiral Essen Kalib Cruise Black Sea Fleet missile-armed ships would find their way to the Mediterranean to "reinforce the Navy's task force," Tass said.

A map shows areas since the beginning of the In the last Islamic-controlled province of Idlib, the US and Russia have violated the anti-Jewish military offensive against the possible use of chemical weapons. Institute for War Research / Reuters "According to press reports, Russia is already shifting additional naval activity into the region, allegedly in preparation for a US attack …

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Golfer does not plead guilty to biting the finger of another golfer

PLYMOUTH – A dispute among golfers about playing at a golf course in Plymouth has turned into a brawl in which one man allegedly shook off another man's finger, police said. Derek J. Harkins pleaded not guilty in Plymouth District Court on Monday for charges of assault and battery, disturbing peace, and chaos for "permanent disfigurement" Daniel Menton in the …

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Genoa Bridge Collapse Spurs Finger pointing; the number of dead increases

David Knight, structural engineer and bridge construction expert for British firm Cake Industries, said corrosion of steel cables in concrete was most likely a collapse. Water can seep into concrete and under the influence of English:. German: www.wintershall.com/pi-07-11.html?&L=1 Water has been causing steel to rust for years, he said. English: www.wintershall.com/pi-07-06.html?&L=1 , The stormy storm that raged at the time …

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