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Fireball video: Huge meteorite strikes over the USA “I thought it was a nuclear strike!” | Science | news

A meteor struck the atmosphere in the northeastern United States in what some have described as the most amazing thing “ever” seen. The fireball has been seen in six different states, including Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, as well as the Canadian city of Toronto. It showed how bright the meteor was. Cameras captured the phenomenon and showed a huge stream …

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These photos of this giant meteor fireball are wild

Early risers in the eastern half of the country, who were outside just before six thirty this morning, caught an unexpected sight: a radiant fireball flashed across the night sky. The unexpected heavenly fireworks display resulted in over 320 reports to the American Meteor Society in a region that stretched from South Carolina to Chicago to southern Ontario. The preliminary …

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Sinister green fireball lights up sky over Australian outback

The greenish-blue fireball as seen in Australia in the early morning of June 15th. picture:: Shaz Hussien / Facebook A greenish-blue fireball flitted across the sky Australia last night in an event held on the ground by impressive observers. The property appeared shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time, with testimony from the Pilbara region in Western Australia, Northern Territory and …

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