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Rare pure white shark found: “The fish of your life”

Talk about a shark with huge pearly whites. The first albino shark was captured off the UK near the Isle of Wight, reports the British news agency SWNS. Jason Gillespie was deep sea fishing in the area when he spotted the remarkable three foot tall Tope Shark. 400M YEAR OLD ‘ARMORED FISH’ CAN CHANGE THE HISTORY OF SHarks AS WE …

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Female whale sharks are officially the largest fish in the ocean

Ohhh who is the biggest fish under the sea? Rhin codon Ty-Phus! Getty Images – James D. Morgan / Contributor It is pretty much undisputed that whale sharks are gigantic. With an average adult length of eight or nine meters, they are whoppers compared to some of your favorite marine life. But for almost a decade the battle of the …

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Almost a dozen species of fish can go ashore, a study shows

The cave angelfish was first observed on rocks in a Thai cave four years ago. Today scientists have identified almost a dozen species of fish with the same ability. The team analyzed the pelvic structures of around 30 loach species and found 11 matches with those of the rare, blind Cryptotora thamicola identified in 2016. Using the CT scan, the …

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Heat that resulted in fish killing can lead to coral bleaching in Florida

Fish may not be the only victim of the pollution and hot temperatures that drove the oxygen levels in Biscayne Bay to inadequate levels and led to a mortality event that shocked Miami residents last week. Coral reefs in the bay could be bleached if water conditions don’t improve soon, scientists said. Prolonged periods of high ocean temperatures cause corals …

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Scientists accidentally create new fish species

(CNN) – A group of Hungarian water scientists searched for ways to save the fish that are responsible for some of the best caviar in the world from extinction. Ohio wildlife researchers are discovering colorful new species of crayfish Instead, they made a Franconian fish. But their random hybrid, a fish that is made partly from American paddlefish and partly …

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