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Astronomers discover the moon flashing at us, and nobody can explain why

People have been seeing flashes of light from the moon for thousands of years, but we still do not understand why this happens or what causes it. The strange event is known as Temporary Moon Phenomenon (TLP) and An astronomer from Germany believes he is about to solve this moon mystery. Hakan Kayal from the University of Würzburg in Bavaria …

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Why does the moon keep flashing?

The moon has flashed us, and a new telescope could explain why. Source: Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg Something flashes on the moon and we do not know what it is. But that could change soon. We've known the mysterious flashes since at least the late 1960s, when astronomers Barbara Middlehurst and Patrick Moore reviewed the scientific literature and found nearly 400 reports …

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Stocks plummet, bonds rise, US recession risk "Amber" flashing by Reuters

© Reuters. Women dressed in celebratory kimonos look at an electronic tablet showing the Nikkei average after the opening ceremony at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in Tokyo, which wished the success of the Japanese stock market in Tokyo . [Von Swati Pandey] 19659004] SYDNEY (Reuters) – Investors shed shares on Monday and fled into bond safety, while the Japanese …

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Green Book Director Apologizes for Genital Flashing

(LOS ANGELES) – "Green Book" director Peter Farrelly said Wednesday that he's deeply sorry and embarrassed after film website 19659002] Farewell story Farrelly and his brother and frequent filmmaking partner Bobby Farrelly liked Farrelly's penis. Farrelly issued a statement through his publicists saying the stories 'descriptions are true.' "I was an idiot," Farrelly said. "I did this week ago and …

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UFO craft discovered passing space station with flashing lights

UFO enthusiasts believe they saw a nearly 300-meter-long alien ship flying near a space station. The new video was shared on Youtube and shows flashing lights near the International Space Station. UFO hunter Scott Waring quickly pointed out what he thought was a 275 meter long triangular shape The expert says it first emerges as a single luminous sphere. It …

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