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Beirut Explosion Related to a Russian Ship Containing Ammonium Nitrate Remaining in the Port, Called “Floating Bomb”

Investigators investigating the devastating explosion in Beirut, which killed at least 135 people and injured 5,000 others, point to a Russian ship that was docked in the city’s port for nearly seven years without proper security precautions in place Officials had warned that it was a “floating bomb”. According to legal documents and Lebanese officials, the Russian ship named MV …

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Grounded’s Arachnophobia Slider turns spiders into cute floating blobs

Gif:: Obsidian Entertainment / Kotaku We learned back in April The Grounded, the new miniaturized survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, would include an “arachnophobia mode” for players who dislike spiders. Let’s take a look at how this accessibility option works now that the game is in the wild. When booting Grounded For the first time, the game immediately notifies you …

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Spinosaurus becomes the first known floating dinosaur

Researchers have found that Spinosaurus aegyptiacus had a “paddle-like” tail to float through the water – which confirms the case that this particular type of dinosaur was capable of moving water. National Geographic reports that the fossilized tail of the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, which was unearthed in southern Morocco, offers new insights into the life of the 50-foot-long, seven-ton predator in …

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Fortnite Patch Notes 10.20 Update – Zapper Trap, Floating Iceland Returns and Much More | Gaming | entertainment

Fortnite Update 10.20 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Because it's just a content update, Update 10.20 does not require downtime. According to the Patch Notes, the Zapper Trap is being introduced with the latest Fortnite update. As you can see in the following trailer, the consumables thrown on both sides of a part …

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Sailors in Tonga encounter a floating volcanic island the size of Manhattan

When the sailors Michael Hoult and Larissa Brill saw land in a remote corner of the South Pacific, they had to check the maps. No, they did not imagine anything. Almost overnight, a huge "floating island" the size of Manhattan near Tonga appeared and swims slowly south. The nearly 150 square kilometer volcanic pumice raft was discovered earlier this month …

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