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Trump calls the mask “politically correct”, Biden calls him a “fool”.

In early April, Trump announced new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that Americans wear public face covers to slow the spread of the coronavirus and reversed the government’s previous recommendations that masks were not required. However, the president knew that he would not wear a mask – even if the council “it could be good”. As …

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Not a fool in this off-season

SHELTERED IN PLACE, Texas – April Fool’s Day, right? Pranks seem highly inappropriate today as we are working from home again. But at least we can work and consider it essential to continue in these difficult times. And with the NFL’s offseason business, we have no shortage of shots available. So no mess. Let’s go. * * Almost famous: As …

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Facebook researchers trained AI to fool facial recognition systems

Facebook is still involved in a billion-dollar trial of its facial recognition practices, but this has not stopped its artificial intelligence research team from developing technology to combat the misdemeanors accused of the company. According to VentureBeat Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has developed a state-of-the-art "de-identification" system that works with video, including live video. It uses real-time machine learning to …

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Packers – Williams says he did not fool Trubisky

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Tramon Williams did not channel his inner Charles Woodson with his commentary on Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky after Williams and the Green Bay Packers won Soldier Field 10: 3 at the opening night of the season opener on Thursday night. ] It was in 2012, when Woodson hired the former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and …

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Why do so many people apply for social security at the age of 62? – The colorful fool

Social security benefits are income-related. In particular, they are calculated by taking the average of the 35 highest-paid occupational years of employees and adjusting wages to inflation. However, the age at which these benefits are used can cause them to rise, fall or stay the same. Someone claiming social security benefits at full retirement age receives exactly the same monthly …

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How to invest in China stocks – The colorful fool

In the history of the world, in such a short time no economy has made as big a leap as China in the last generation. A nation of more than 1 billion people, who not long ago relied on bicycles as their main means of transport, today is the largest car market in the world. It is also the largest …

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