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Fulton will start the upcoming school year entirely online due to COVID-19

The Fulton School District is the fourth largest in Georgia with more than 93,500 students. The county has a tenth of the Georgian population. Regardless of whether they have students or not, people were interested in what the school district was doing because of the possible waves. It is a problem for the workforce as employees may not be able …

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Candy Sickens Students at South Fulton County Middle School

More than 20 students were treated to snacks and sweets on Thursday in a southern Fulton County middle school, a district official said Thursday. The Sandtown Middle School students were brought to the campus facilities for children in Atlanta at Hughes Spalding, and Egleston, after being evaluated by paramedics, told Fulton County Schools spokeswoman Susan Romanick to AJC.com. "Our police …

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Family of three children met and killed in Fulton Co talks about accidents

FULTON COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – Three siblings were shot dead on Tuesday morning in Fulton County by a pickup truck while boarding a school bus. Alivia Steel, Mason & Xzavier Ingle and Alyssa Shepherd The driver of the truck, Alyssa Shepherd, 24, from rural Rochester, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon. She was accused of ruthlessly killing thirteen and having once …

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