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Cicadas are infected with fungi that make them zombies

Cicadas succumb to a parasitic infection that basically turns them into zombies. You read that correctly. The fungus, scientifically known as Massospora, has been infecting male cicadas for years, according to a magazine from PLOS Pathogens reported by LiveScience. But it doesn’t end there. Similar to a zombie army, the male cicada zombies work to increase their numbers by attracting …

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First in depth studies on sea fungi and their cell division cycles are published

Fungal colonies were bred from samples collected in various marine environments in and around Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Picture credits: Lorna M.Y. Mitchison field Sea-fungi have long been overlooked in the research community despite their likely contributions to the health of marine ecosystems. Now, a team from the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) has given a first in-depth look at the variety …

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Scientists track fungi that kill frogs to curb their spread

<div data-thumb = "https://scx1.b-cdn.net/csz/news/tmb/2019/11-scientiststr.jpg" data-src = "https: //scx2.b-cdn .net / gfx / news / hires / 2019/11-scientiststr.jpg "data-sub-html =" This Rhacophorus bimaculatus frog is native to the Philippines and lives in the misty spray zones including waterfalls, is one of the many species of frogs that are threatened by the deadly chytrid fungus Credit: Rafe Brown & Jason Fernandez "> …

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In the case of a deadly asteroid, a volcanic apocalypse or a nuclear holocaust, fungi could save humanity from extinction

Raphael Manet controls the growth of oyster mushrooms while working in the "Bunker Comestible", the "Bunker", in Strasbourg, France, on 19 February 2018. The "Bunker Comestible" is an organic farm in a former gunpowder storage bunker used during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and now converted into a farm to grow organic mushrooms and seedlings in an urban environment. Vincent …

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Conagra recalls Hunt's tomato paste due to possible mold fungi

CHICAGO >> Conagra recalls Hunt & # 39; s tomato paste cans due to the possibility of mold fungi. ASSOCIATED PRESS / 2015 Flags fly over the headquarters of ConAgra Foods in Omaha, Neb. Conagra recalls some tomato paste from Hunt Cans due to the possibility of mold. The company said that the recall for six-ounce cans of Hunt's tomato …

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Hunt's tomato paste reminded of possible mold fungi

The company said it had first noticed the problem after receiving calls from consumers. (FDA) A number of hunt tomato paste is being pulled off the shelves after the company received complaints about the presence of mold in the product. Conagra Brands, Inc., said the damage to Hunt's six-ounce cans of Tomato Paste No salt added after canning the canning …

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