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DC mistake White House over rose garden event, calls for testing

WASHINGTON (AP) – In an extraordinary move, the Washington, DC Department of Health released an open letter addressing all White House staff and everyone who attended an event in the Rose Garden on September 26th Seek medical advice and take a COVID-19 test. The letter points to a lack of confidence in the White House medical team’s own contact tracing …

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Review of the rose garden event after Kellyanne Conway and other guests positive about Covid | have tested the Trump Administration

A crowded rose garden ceremony last Saturday at which Donald Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court candidate was examined after at least seven people in attendance tested positive for coronavirus, including the president himself. On Friday, former presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway announced that she had tested positive and had “mild” symptoms. Two Republican senators, Thom Tillis and …

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Pandemic Drops Sales in Times Square in Olive Garden by 94%

An Olive Garden restaurant in Times Square in New York. Adam Jeffery | CNBC During a typical year, Times Square restaurant in Olive Garden has sales of $ 15 million. But the coronavirus pandemic and local food restrictions have ruined the chain’s best location business, bringing average weekly sales down from $ 300,000 to less than $ 18,000. Gene Lee, …

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Melania Trump provides security amid a rose garden pandemic

First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday called on voters to support the re-election of her husband, President Trump, and offered words of comfort to victims of the coronavirus pandemic during a speech from the rose garden. “It was inspiring to see what the people of our great nation will do for one another, especially when we are the most fragile,” …

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Melania Trump announces renovation of the rose garden

Trump intends to restore the space to resemble the original design and layout of the rose garden, which was created by President John F. Kennedy and implemented in 1962 by gardener and philanthropist Rachel “Bunny” Mellon. The renovation, which includes excavations, could take several weeks, according to a source familiar with the timeline, and the rose garden will be out …

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Entergy recognizes major blackout in Uptown, New Orleans’ Garden District; 20K + affected | news

Entergy New Orleans said over 20,000 people in New Orleans were without electricity on Saturday night. The utility first reported around 8:30 p.m. that approximately 12,500 customers in the Uptown and Garden District districts were without electricity. We are aware of a failure that affects approximately 12,500 customers in the Uptown & Garden District areas of New Orleans. Our crews …

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