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Trump threatens to use military against demonstrators as tear gas is fired outside the White House – live | US news

8.20pm Summertime 20:08 The fifth day of protest in New York started relatively calmly, with New Yorkers gathering in Times Square. The city is preparing for further unrest, despite a curfew by Governor Andrew Cuomo at 11 p.m. The number of NYPD officers patrolling the streets would double from 4,000 this weekend to 8,000 this weekend, the Cuomo said. A …

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Hong Kong Protests: Police Fire Tear Gas While Thousands Hold Unauthorized Rally | Hong Kong

The Hong Kong police fired tear gas at crowds after thousands of people took to the streets to protest Beijing’s extraordinary statement that the semi-autonomous region would be subject to national security laws. The rally and the march in the central business and shopping districts are not authorized and a brutal police reaction has been widely feared. Riot police, armored …

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Google prohibits A.I. for oil and gas companies according to the Greenpeace study

Oil production in Azerbaijan Vostok Google has agreed to stop developing custom artificial intelligence (AI) tools that oil and gas companies can use to extract fossil fuels worldwide. The promise came after a Greenpeace report on Tuesday highlighted how Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are using AI and storage servers to help Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil find and retrieve oil and …

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Will gas prices rise again? Where to find it for under $ 1

CONCLUDE Gas prices across the country are still falling as fewer drivers are on the move during the Coronavirus outbreak. (March 30) AP domestic Gas prices continue to drop dramatically, and more than a dozen states sell gas for less than $ 1 a gallon. With consumers driving less because the coronavirus pandemic keeps them at home, the national average …

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The bizarre exoplanet could be a gas giant that has lost its gas

Gaseous core By studying a giant, distant exoplanet, astronomers have a rare opportunity to better understand the gas giants of our solar system, such as Jupiter and Saturn. This is because the Exoplanet TOI-849b appears to be the exposed core of a similar gas giant. Space.com Reports. An international team of astronomers suspect that either the exoplanet’s gaseous outer layers …

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