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The 15 best houseplants for every type of person • Gear Patrol

Let’s talk about houseplants. Pour them when the soil is dry. Do not place them in front of air conditioners or heaters. Know how much sun everyone wants. There you have almost everything you need to know. The truth is that most houseplants are sold in stores or online extremely just keep alive. That’s why these stores sell them. The …

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Some complaints about gameplay, but the UI and lobby system are generally hated – FGC’s Guilty Gear Strive beta impressions

Counter, counter, counter, counter, counter, counter, counter, counter, counter Guilty Gear Strive’s closed beta has been available to those who have received an invitation for a few days. Unfortunately, things started rocky as many beta testers encountered a number of connection problems and crashes that prompted ArcSys to offer a solution for gamers. The community’s problems with Guilty Gear Strive’s …

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Trump bans the export of protective gear after the 3M strike

President Donald Trump called on the Defense Production Act on Friday to ban “unscrupulous actors and profiteers” from exporting critical medical equipment to protect wearers from the corona virus. The president unveiled the new order in a dispute with U.S. manufacturing giant 3M, who had warned the Trump administration that stopping respiratory mask exports could make them even less available …

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This is the new king of tiny drones • Gear Patrol

DJI just announced the Mavic Mini, an entry-level drone designed for everyone. It is essentially a smaller and cheaper version of the other foldable DJI drones such as Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Mavic 2. The Mavic Mini costs $ 399 and can be pre-ordered now. Shipping starts on November 11th. How small is "Mini"? The Mavic Mini is about …

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Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin announced for Guilty Gear 2020

Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin were unveiled for the game Guilty Gear 2020. They are the last two characters that will be available in the upcoming Guilty Gear demo. Chipp is both a Ninja and the President of the Eastern Chipp "Kingdom". He is usually a fast fighter with little defense, so it is important to overwhelm the opponent with his …

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Monitor 2 art leaks at Blizzard Gear Store in front of BlizzCon

Days before the start of the annual Blizzard fan convention, the BlizzCon, a new image of Overwatch 2 has been published online. Overwatch 2 will introduce a player-versus-environment experience and new game modes, maps and heroes, according to an ESPN report. ESPN originally reported on Echo, an omnicharacter unveiled at BlizzCon last year would be the next hero of the …

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