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Serial rape suspect linked to decades-old crimes through genealogy, DNA, officials say

A man wanted in a series of "horrific" decades-old sexual assaults in Northern California which arrested based on a combination of DNA testing and genetic profiling, said Monday. Mark Manteuffel, 59, What arrested Friday in Decatur, Georgia. He worked for decades in the federal Bureau of Prisons and Criminal Justice Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento. Manteuffel retired in 2014 …

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Napkin, Genealogy site leads to arrest in the 1993 murder case

This undated photo of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office shows Jerry Westrom. A businessman is accused of mortally killing a Minneapolis woman in 1993 after investigators had collected DNA evidence from the murder scene through a genealogy website and received his DNA from a discarded napkin. Westrom is being charged with second-degree murder when 35-year-old Jeanne Ann "Jeanie" Childs died. …

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The genealogy gets a boost when more DNA errors occur Local

A growing number of companies offering DNA analysis may spark interest in genetic and genealogical research, said Diahan Southard. That's a good thing, said the prominent genetic genealogy consultant on Saturday in the Allen County Public Library. But budding genealogists should also be careful when choosing a company to analyze their genetic markers, she said. "There are a lot of …

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The California authorities used DNA, the genealogy website, to track down the "Golden State Killer" suspected of decades after the crimes

The "Golden State Killer" has been very meticulous at its crime scenes over a decade and in several cities, leaving little evidence for the police. There were no fingerprints. Few saw his face. And what he left behind-his DNA-was not useful to the police at the time. Four decades later, with far better DNA technology and widespread use, this genetic …

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Genealogy websites were the key to the big break in the Golden State Killer Case

"You're leaving your DNS in a place that's open to the public," she said. The test result confirmed the match against more than 10 murders in California. Ms. Schubert's office then received a second sample and returned with the same positive result that matched the full DNA profile. Representatives of 23andMe and other Genetic Testing Services denied on Thursday that …

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