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Cuomo responds to Attorney General von Biden rumors: “Not interested in going to Washington”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday he was “not interested” in serving as attorney general for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, should the former vice president win the 2020 election. Cuomo shot down a Sunday report from Axios claiming that “Democrats are so confident that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might be considered for Joe Biden’s attorney general, who is …

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The US government tries to regulate cryptocurrencies after the attorney general published the enforcement framework

United States Attorney General William Barr says the recent release of the Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework will help law enforcement agencies combat elements that use digital currencies for illegal purposes. The framework created by the AG’s Cyber-Digital Task Force provides law enforcement agencies with a “comprehensive overview of the emerging threats and enforcement problems associated with the increasing spread and use …

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Dollar General opens new stores for wealthier shoppers

The company is opening its first two popshelf stores in Nashville in the coming weeks and plans to open another 30 by the end of next year. The new stores will open at a difficult time for retailers – especially brick and mortar stores that had to close during the pandemic. But Dollar General has positioned itself well as a …

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Unique test of general relativity using a black hole – Einstein’s theory remains intact even under extreme conditions

The three-color picture shows the results of an M87 simulation, red shows the emission at long radio wavelengths, blue shows the emission at 1.3 mm (the wavelength used by the EHT) and green shows the emission at 0.87 mm wavelength. Photo credit: Lia Medeiros, IAS, BH PIRE If a picture is worth a thousand words, what could be a’s first …

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Black hole photo strengthens Einstein’s general theory of relativity

Physicists have come one step closer to solving one of the most puzzling questions in science: How can the theories of general relativity be reconciled with quantum physics? The answer could lie in supermassive black holes. The conflict at the heart of modern physics has been raging for over a century and is sparked by a pair of papers written …

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The grand jury’s proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case will be cleared by order of the judge, the Kentucky attorney general says

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron said Monday evening he would release the grand jury record of Breonna Taylor’s case in court on Wednesday. It is not clear when the recording will be available to the public, although his testimony indicated that he would not try to prevent its release. “The grand jury is supposed to be a secret body,” Cameron …

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