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Astronomers discover a giant galaxy that illuminates the universe right after the Big Bang

Around 370,000 years after the Big Bang, the universe experienced a time that cosmologists call the “cosmic dark age”. During this time, the universe was covered by a hot, dense plasma that obscured all visible light and made it invisible to astronomers. When the first stars and galaxies formed over the next few hundred million years, the radiation they emitted …

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“Ice Giant” – Blasted Fossil Core of a massive Jupiter-sized planet discovered (weekend feature)

Posted on July 5th, 2020 in Astronomy, Exoplanets, Science A strange ice giant, which cannot be explained by previous theories, was discovered by NASA scientists with the Exoplanet Sleuth Transit Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS, which had “first light” on August 7, 2018). The planet TOI-849 b is the most massive planet in Neptune size and the first with a density …

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Scientists discover that giant carnivorous dinosaurs lived in Australia

A team of researchers analyzed dinosaur footprint fossils and concluded that they were large-body carnivorous dinosaurs that were up to three meters high and about ten meters long at the hips. This is from a press release from the University of Queensland. “To put this in perspective, T. rex reached about 3.25 meters on the hips and 12 to 13 …

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Planetary Surveillance – A Plan to Turn the Atmosphere into a Giant Sensor Science & Technology

June 13, 2020 W.HEN AN EARTHQUAKE When geophysicists shook Nepal in 2015, they were surprised to find that they could see its reflection in the ionosphere, a layer of the atmosphere beyond 75 km above the earth’s surface. Ground-based instruments showed changes in the density of free electrons in this electrically charged zone. These curled outward from the point in …

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Panthers agree to deal with the former giant Eli Apple

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Panthers have agreed to free agent cornerback Eli Apple. The move gives the Panthers the experienced cornerback they wanted after James Bradberry signed as a free agent with the Giants. Apple has started 48 games in four seasons in the NFL and has 233 duels, three interceptions and three forced fiddles, but has never met the …

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