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Gold, vanadium and europium reveal the existence of mysterious particles

An international research group published a study in National Academy of Sciences procedure where they present evidence of the existence of Majorana fermions – particles that are believed to be their own antiparticles – on the surface of a gold object. According to the scientists, this is an important step in isolating the particles as stable, fail-safe quantum bits or …

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Harry & Meghan’s website was hit by trolls that redirected them to “Gold Digger”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were targeted by trolls who run a website for their new Archewell charity on a video of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”. Fans who enter http://www.archewellfoundation.com will be directed to a YouTube video of Kanye West’s 2005 hit with Jamie Foxx. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have just moved to Los Angeles, announced this …

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Meghan and Harry make an uncomfortable mistake when the link to the Archewell website redirects to Kanyes Gold Digger

Meghan and Harry were ridiculed online after not registering a website for their new Archewell nonprofit foundation, which was instead picked up by cyber-squatters. Fans entering www.archewellfoundation.com are inadvertently redirected to a YouTube video of Kanye West’s Gold Digger hit 2005 with Jamie Foxx. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would start a new nonprofit called Archewell …

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Bitcoin Price Will Never Reach $ 100,000? Gold Bug Bashes Bulls

Bitcoin investors have long searched for the moon and demanded that the BTC price reach high price points such as $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. Finally, the cryptocurrency has the potential to take over the traditional energy scheme. However, Peter Schiff, a leading gold investor, does not believe that such an appreciation will take place. Ship Explains The prominent gold …

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