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The elusive start date of Google Pixel 4a is now needed more than ever

Several putative launch dates for Google Pixel 4a have come and gone, and Google has officially released just this week discontinued the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, it then removed both budget phones from its online store without explanation or comment. It’s been over a year since Google’s cheap pixel phones first came on the market. Both were published …

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Google sets the pixels 3A and 3A XL

Google has discontinued its mid-range Pixel 3A and 3A XL smartphones, the company announced today (via Android police). “The Google Store sold its inventory and completed the sale of Pixel 3A, ”Google said in a statement The edge. “For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3A, the product is available from some partners while supplies last.” This could …

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Google Meet adds blurry and custom backgrounds

In addition to today’s group calls on the Nest Hub Max, Google previews a number of upcoming meet features for training and corporate customers. This includes blurry and custom backgrounds, hand raises, and new moderation controls. As with Zoom and other popular video conferencing applications, Google Meet will soon blur or completely replace your background. Google offers a number of …

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Google makes it easier to unsubscribe from your phone number for RCS messages

Google rolled out quietly (via Android police) a new tool that makes it much easier to unsubscribe from the number you used for a first-party RCS-enabled messaging platform. You can already unsubscribe from your number on the Messages app’s Settings page by enabling Chat Features Disabled. However, with the tool discovered by a Reddit user, you can deregister your number …

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Google allows you to unsubscribe from RCS over the Internet

Google recently introduced a way to unsubscribe from your phone number from RCS messages. Google currently uses all Android messages through RCS that allow users to send messages over the Internet rather than the short message service (SMS). RCS allows you to read receipts, share images in full resolution, and enter notifications for single and group chat threads. Google’s new …

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Google Assistant tests updates for you to integrate new users

Back in March, Google Assistant introduced Snapshot to replace Google Now, which summarizes weather, calendar events, reminders and other relevant, proactive information. Google Assistant is currently testing a second, visually similar feed called “Updates for you”. On the old Google Assistant, which most users still have, there is a compass symbol in the lower right corner, which opens the “Browse” …

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