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Tiny pendulum can reveal the secrets of gravity

Gravity is a mystery at heart. Yes, we can talk about the curvature of spacetime and maybe draw analogies to stretched rubber sheets. However, we do not know why mass causes the space-time curve. In other words, in our theory of gravity, matter is the scenery, and space-time is both cast and stage crew. However, the behavior of matter is …

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Far! Xplore works with JPL and Aerospace Corp. together at the gravity lens telescope

NASA notified the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Aerospace Corp. and Xplore, a Seattle-based space company, awarded a $ 2 million grant to develop the design architecture for a distant telescope array that uses the sun’s gravitational field as a lens to focus on extraterrestrial planets. The Phase III award from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program would span two years …

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Limit quantum gravity and string theory

Photons always propagate at the speed of light and, regardless of this, follow the same natural rules… [+] their energy. If certain models of quantum gravity or string theory are correct, photons should decay above a certain energy threshold as they propagate through the universe. The HAWC collaboration has just tested this and found that there is no such limit. …

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Gravity wave detector completed in Gifu underground: The Asahi Shimbun

Scientists explain some of the intricacies of the KAGRA gravitational wave detector in an underground tunnel in Hida, Gifu Prefecture. (Video footage by Shuhei Yamashita) [4] On October 4, in Gifu Prefecture, a ceremony was completed to complete the KAGRA gravitational wave detector, which scientists hope will play a key role in the detection of gravitational waves caused by catastrophic …

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NASA's Black Hole Animation shows how gravity distorts our view

A new NASA animation shows what you would see if you were near a black hole. The heavy gravity of the black hole would distort your vision: seems to be bending around a dark abyss. It would also be brighter on one side than the other. But if you looked at the black hole from above, the ring would make …

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