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Hubble shows Andromeda’s true greatness

It is possible that you saw the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) without realizing it. The massive spiral galaxy appears as a gray, spindle-shaped speck in the night sky that is visible to the naked eye under the right conditions. It is the closest major galaxy to ours, and astronomers have studied it a lot. Now astronomers have used the Hubble Space …

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XCOM: Chimera Squad remixes the turn-based formula to achieve greatness

Firaxis Games XCOM: enemy unknown, first published in 2012, was a stroke of genius. It successfully reinvented the classic turn-based gameplay of the original from 1994 for a modern audience, bringing together 3D environments and characters with elaborate animations and challenging tactical gameplay. Since then, the team has developed from strength to strength, most recently with a narrative restart XCOM …

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Working with Florida meant hunting for greatness for TE Jonathan Odom

GatorsTerritory solicited UF pledges from Jonathan Odom to break his commitment to Dan Mullen's program and gather his thoughts on the future of Florida football to select the Gators he recruits on behalf of the staff and what his daring Forecast for the team in the coming season is. 1. How does it feel to get involved with UF? "It …

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Leonard Bernstein's Centennial proves his greatness as a composer

When Leonard Bernstein was appointed music director of the New York Philharmonic in 1958, he was celebrated as America's first maestro. Four years earlier, he had captured much of the nation in CBS & # 39; omnibus with his absorbing analysis of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. And with his full embrace of television, he not only became the country's leading music …

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The subtle secret for Sidney Crosby's greatness

When he enters his 30s, Sidney Crosby is still on the NHL. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images) On Saturday afternoon, Sidney Crosby skated off the practice ice into the cramped locker room in the Capital One Arena, placing his black CCM stick in a rack and shaking it until it fitted. He drove a horde of notebooks and cameras in …

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