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MIT wants to use your microwave habits to examine your health

It is not yet clear how this will lead to usable health or behavioral data. MIT suggests that one day it could help health professionals understand the ability of older people to carry out various activities in everyday life and recommend healthy habits. “This system uses passive collection data and does not require people to change their lifestyles,” said Chen-Yu …

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3 simple habits that can help you retire early

Many workers dream of early retirement, but only a few can reach it. According to a survey by TD Ameritrade, about half of adults in the US say they want to retire by the age of 60, but only a third believe that they will be able to. In addition, a whopping 82% say they expect the retirement age to …

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Ravindra Jadeja imitates Virat Kohli's habits for Rohit Sharma; the Indian captain could not stop laughing – CricketTimes.com

Usually stupid charades are played to guess the names of the movie, but Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma were recently seen actions and mannerisms of the player playing the cricket version. Rohit once picked up Virat Kohli's poster and Jadeja tried to copy his skipper's habits to crack it. It was funny to see Jadeja imitating Virat's usual gestures while …

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What we'll remember is Fernandez, Clark and Habits at CenturyLink Field

There are few victories in Portland Timbers football that are as sweet as the ones celebrated at CenturyLink Field, though the Timbers may get used to the event given recent results. Thanks to two goals on Sunday from Brian Fernandez Portland left the home of the Seattle Sounders, who celebrated for the third time in a row. With their 2-1 …

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