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A hair salon owner says she received death threats for revealing Pelosi’s appointment

The owner of the hair salon in San Francisco was a spokesman Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiA Warning to Democrats: Small Business Owners Get Angry – Very Angry Biden calls for a live fact-checking during debates with Trump Pelosi, claiming it was “MORE set up” by the San Francisco salon (D-Calif.) Made an appointment for such businesses despite city-wide restrictions and said …

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Pelosi’s claim that the hair salon was “set up” was “absolutely false,” says the business owner

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day … Pelosi’s claim that the hair salon was “set up” was “absolutely false,” says the business ownerThe owner of a coronavirus shuttered hair salon in San Francisco, who was visited earlier this week by House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, denied the Democratic …

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Pelosi’s office confirms interior hair appointment and is in violation of San Francisco Covid-19 restrictions

Confirmation came after Fox News reported that the salon’s owner, Erica Kious, was furious that Pelosi broke the rules that require such hair treatments to be done outdoors because of the pandemic. Fox also reported being given security footage showing the speaker in eSalon not wearing a mask. Pelosi’s staff insisted that Pelosi wear a mask while she had her …

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Nancy Pelosi seen without a mask at the San Francisco hair salon

Image rights eSalon Image description ESalon surveillance cameras show Nancy Pelosi without a mask The most powerful elected U.S. Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, was pictured in a San Francisco hair salon in violation of coronavirus prevention regulations. Ms. Pelosi was also seen wearing a face mask around her neck rather than over her mouth. She has criticized President Donald Trump for …

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Black hole “hair” could be detected using waves in spacetime

The information trapped in black holes could be detected by feeling their “hair”, new research suggests. Black holes are celestial objects with such massive gravity that not even light can escape from their clutches when it crosses the event horizon or the point of non-return. The black holes’ event horizons hold secrets deep within them – secrets that could completely …

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New trailers: Bad Hair, Woke, The Devil All The Time and more

I watched last weekend An American cucumber, the new Seth Rogen movie and one of the first HBO Max originals. It’s the perfect type of streaming-first movie – interesting enough to watch since I’m already paying for HBO, but not something I specifically paid to see it in theaters. The film is surprisingly quick and focused. There are really only …

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