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Cuomo’s coronavirus halo begins to fade

Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference on May 27, 2020. | AP photo NEW YORK – New York governor Andrew Cuomo made it very clear who was responsible when the corona virus began to infiltrate his state. The governor said – in almost daily nationwide television appearances – that he would make difficult but necessary decisions to curb …

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Halo developers show how much work goes into fixing a bug

Screenshot:: Microsoft Halo 2 anniversary edition was released on Steam on Tuesday and within a few hours the players found some bugs. In the event of a bug, missiles, grenades and other projectiles teleport through the map, killing teammates. Although the issue has not yet been resolved, 343 Industries has highlighted the 24 hours after the launch and its plans …

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Halo 2: Anniversary arrives on PC on May 12th

Microsoft brings Halo 2: anniversary on Windows 10 PCs on May 12th as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collectionannounced the company today. Halo 2: anniversary is an HD remastered version of Halo 2which was released on the original Xbox in 2004. In addition to the soundtrack and sound effects, it contains a comprehensive revision of the game’s graphics. …

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UW Nutritionist: Non-meat Impossible burgers do not deserve a health halo

0 UW Nutritionist: Impossible Burger Without Meat Does not Have a Good Reputation The vegetable Impossible and Beyond burger have been popping up lately and are enjoying great popularity with people who believe it tastes so good as real burgers. They certainly offer a wonderful placebo effect as a healthy alternative to beef, but according to UW Medicine nutritionist Judy …

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The Moongate is in a "nearly linear halo orbit"

After months of discussion, the space agencies behind the Lunar Gate have decided how the space station should orbit the moon. NASA and ESA are developing the Lunar Gateway together and the orbit that will follow it around the Moon is an integral part of mission design. This affects all important aspects of the mission, including the way the spacecraft …

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Halo: Reach PC Beta Receives Illegal Distributed Bid

The First Halo: Reach PC betas started this weekend and there was no time at all for people to do what people did. Tyler Davis of Developer 343 Industries announced on Twitter that the first beta test or "flight" in halo language was "illegally distributed online" immediately after publication. "illegal" copies of the game could be blocked and banned for …

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