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Western Digital is charged with sneaking SMR hard drives into its NAS channel

Enlarge /. Hattis Law makes no allegations against the allegations made in his class action lawsuit and not only urges WD not to use SMR technology in non-ideal devices, but accuses them of complete deception. All three of the surviving conventional hard drive manufacturers – Toshiba, Western Digital and Seagate – have recently caught themselves in unexpected places sneaking hard …

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The restaurants in Metro Denver reopen to serve customers: “It has been a long, hard road.”

ARVADA, Colorado (KDVR) – Wednesday was the first day that most restaurants in the Denver area had been reopening since March when Governor Jared Polis’ order came into effect at home. A number of counties in Colorado, including Douglas County in the southern subway area, were allowed to begin reopening due to state-approved derogations. The state has a number of …

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ZFS versus RAID: Eight Ironwolf hard drives, two file systems, one winner

Enlarge /. Neither the stopwatch nor the denim jacket are absolutely necessary, to be honest. Aurich Lawson / Getty Storage basics View more stories It took a long time – it’s time for test results. To truly understand the basics of computer memory, it is important to examine the impact of various traditional RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) topologies …

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Craft Brewers hit hard by pandemic forced to fire workers, Dump Beer – CBS Boston

FRAMINGHAM (CBS / AP) – Sales of wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages increased like foam in a freshly poured glass of beer during the coronavirus pandemic. Just not for some craft brewers. Craft beers, especially beers made by small artisans, are commonly consumed in bars, restaurants, bars, and brewpubs that have closed in many U.S. communities. While these brewers …

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Jamaal Williams, Lane Taylor hard cuts

SHUT DOWN With so much uncertainty about the upcoming Green Bay Packers season, everyone can do one thing with certainty – the PackersNews.com Roster Builder. Any armchair quarterback or general manager of the beer fridge can try to outdo each other by building the best possible 53-man squad plus 10-player practice group while sticking to the NFL salary cap. The …

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The corona virus pandemic hits black and brown people particularly hard on all fronts

It seemed to affect people of all races, backgrounds, and income levels, from Hollywood actors to NBA players to low-wage service workers. But as more data becomes available, one thing is clear: Covid-19 has only increased the systemic inequalities that exist in the United States. And non-white Americans, especially African Americans, were hit hard on almost every front. Although the …

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