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Chinese phone maker caught with a back door, but it’s not Huawei or ZTE

Last year, Xiaomi was the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after around 125.5 million units were delivered. The company has done an excellent job in India, the second largest smartphone market in the world. This is because Xiaomi makes cell phones that are reasonably priced for the developing country. Xiaomi did very well in India with a strategy …

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China arrested former Huawei employees for speaking online about the Iran deal

Huawei flatly denies being under the control of the Chinese government, but there’s little doubt that China is striving to defend its technological superstar – at least with a little nudge. The New York Times Chinese police arrested five former Huawei employees in December 2018 for WeChat discussions about allegations that the company violated Iran sanctions. They did not provide …

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Imprisoned Huawei workers raised an illegal topic: Iran

The five men were all involved in disputes with their former employer, Chinese technology giant Huawei. And they had all joined a group in the WeChat social app to organize them. Then one of them wrote a message to the group that would change their lives: “I can prove that Huawei has sold to Iran.” The message and the short …

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Corona virus: Huawei urges Britain not to do a 5G U-turn after a pandemic

Image rights Getty Images Chinese telecommunications company Huawei said that suspending its involvement in the launch of 5G Britain would do “poor service.” In January, the UK government approved a limited role for Huawei in building the country’s new data networks. But in March, an uprising within the conservative party signaled efforts to reverse the move. The company also said …

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Huawei P40 Pro specifications, P40 Pro Plus and P40 vs. P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro: what’s new and what’s different?

The new P40 and P40 Pro from Huawei are available in five colors: black, deep blue sea, ice white, blushing gold and silver frost (see illustration). Huawei The next generation of superphones from Huawei is here. After delays due to the Corona virusthe Chinese telephone manufacturer asked P40 and P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus via a YouTube livestream on …

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Huawei chairman talks about the impact of the US blacklist on East Tech West

The US decision to allow American companies to continue trading with Huawei would have little impact on the Chinese technology company, according to a Huawei executive. Huawei is able to deliver its products to customers without relying on the US Parts, Chairman Liang Hua told CNBC Geoff Cutmore at the East Tech West Conference in the Nansha District of Guangzhou, …

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