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Prehistoric disorder on land has resulted in larger, more intelligent human brains

CNN – The way our ancestors got used to inconsistent landscapes full of obstacles that, according to researchers at Northwestern University, “jet fueled” the evolution of the brain of animals and early human ancestors. The combination of improved eyesight and higher intelligence to survive in this complex rural environment is “the reason why we can eat seafood but seafood is …

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Pompeo meets with a Chinese colleague in Hawaii to talk about trade, Hong Kong, and human rights

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with his Chinese counterpart in Hawaii on Wednesday, when relations between the two nations fell to their lowest level in ten years, from Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic to Hong Kong’s autonomy. The meeting of Pompeo and Yang Jiechi started informally at dinner on Tuesday and continued on Wednesday at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam …

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First US human studies begin with an antibody cocktail that can treat and even prevent Covid-19

It is the first trial of a Covid-19 antibody cocktail in the United States. If successful, Regeneron hopes that it will be available in the fall. The clinical trial started on Wednesday. Regeneron said his antibody cocktail will be tested in four different study populations: people hospitalized with Covid-19; People who have symptoms of the disease but are not hospitalized; …

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The invisible man? Scientists design human cells to become TRANSPARENT like squids – RT World News

In a remarkable first phase, researchers successfully transferred the natural camouflage ability of some squid and squid species to human cells, allowing them to bend light. Certain types of octopus, octopus, and other marine animals have special tissues in their bodies that allow them to manipulate the light and blend seamlessly into their environment to confuse predators or surprise prey. …

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Eli Lilly starts the world’s first human study to treat potential antibodies

People gathered in crowds over the weekend and Monday morning to protest police brutality and George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, and raised concerns about the spread of viruses through the demonstrations. More than 1.7 million people in the US have tested positive for the virus and more than 104,000 have died from Covid-19. Black Americans have a disproportionate share of …

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