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Trump says that ICE wants to eliminate "millions of illegal aliens" in the US when it comes to details

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter late Monday that the US Immigration and Customs Authority would initiate the process of "removing millions of illegal aliens who have found the illegal way to the US". "They are being removed as soon as they come," said Trump. Mike Morgan, the agency's director, did not announce any new initiatives while in Louisville on …

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BBC – Future – The poisons released by the melting of the Arctic ice

In 2012 Sue Natali arrived for the first time in Duvanny Yar, Siberia. A postdoctoral fellow who studied the effects of the thawing of permafrost due to climate change had seen photographs of this place many times. The rapid thawing of Duvanny Yar had caused a massive burglary – a "mega burglary" – like a huge dump in the middle …

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What's wrong with these deep wounds in the Antarctic ice?

In order to arrive at an answer, data had to be collected with floating sensors floating under the ice. SOCCOM project / Hannah Zanowski During the Australian winter, which extends from June to September the Antarctic is covered with nearly seven million square miles of ice. For several decades, scientists who view satellite imagery of these frozen swaths notice blue-black …

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According to official figures, at least 60 ice seals have died in Alaska

The discovery of at least 60 dead seals that have been found on Alaska's west coast in recent months has astounded federal biologists who said the deaths were reported in "unusually high numbers." The government (NOAA) announced that Several reports of dead bearded, ringed and spotted seals have been received near Nome and north of the Bering Strait. <img src …

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Climate change melts the polar ice cap and the navy looks north: NPR

An F / A-18 super hornet prepares to take off from USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf of Alaska. Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media Hide caption Caption switch Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media An F / A-18 Super Hornet prepares to depart from the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf of Alaska. Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media …

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How big the holes in the Antarctic ice are, even though it's cold

This is an Inside Science story. (Inside Science) – By analyzing data from seal robots and sensors glued to seals, researchers can now understand the mysterious origins of giant holes that can open in Antarctic sea ice, according to a new study. A Polynya – a Russian word meaning "hole in the ice" – can form off the coast of …

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