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Snow, ice, and heavy rain will rise later this week for the stormy eastern US

By Alex Sosnowski AccuWeather senior meteorologist 12th November 2018, 12:34:32 PM EST A storm of snow, ice and rain will bring travel disruptions from the Midwest and Southern United States to the Northeast, ranging Wednesday through Friday to the Northeast. Motorists Passengers in much of the eastern United States should be prepared for more delays as a second wintry storm …

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ESA's Gravity Mapper shows relics of ancient continents under Antarctic ice

It was five years ago when ESA satellite GOCE gravitational mapping finally yielded to gravity, but the results still provide hidden treasures that allow a new look at the remnants of the continents hidden beneath the Antarctic ice sheet ] A research team from the German University of Kiel and the British Antarctic Survey published their latest findings based on …

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Antarctic Pine Island Glacier Just Lost enough ice to cover Manhattan 5 times

The newest iceberg to demolish Pine Island Glacier is big enough to cover Manhattan five times with ice. Credit: Landsat OLI Images Processed by Stef Lhermitte, Delft University of Technology A huge iceberg, about five times Manhattan, broke off the Antarctic-Pine Island Glacier yesterday (10/29), just one month after the first crack, as shown by satellite imagery [19659005] "I was …

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Amazon submitted its face recognition to ICE, published emails show [Updated]

Department of Homeland Security documents issued by a Freedom of Information Act from the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) show that the Amazon sales department was actively trying to provide the Homeland Security Investigation of the Department of Homeland Security (ICE) with the controversial face recognition system Rekognition. The pitch was part of a wider discussion of Amazon Web Services' …

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Antarctic ice shelf makes strange noises

Researchers have discovered strange sounds from an Antarctic ice shelf. The sounds are generated when winds blow over snowy dunes and make ice vibrate. Researchers believe that this scary sound could be used to track changes in the Ice Shelf. Ross Ice Shelf is the largest ice shelf in the Antarctic, about the size of Texas. The ice shelf is …

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The Song of Climate Change: Antarctic Ice Shelf & # 39; sings & # 39;

Antarctica's vast Ross Ice Shelf has been "caught" in remarkable new observations – something that could help scientists track their changes remotely. Winds blowing across snow dunes on the shelf cause the surface of the Texas ice sheet to vibrate and produce an almost constant set of seismic "sounds" described in a recent study just released. The Ice Shelf – …

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