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“No crime” found after NYPD officials fell ill after drinking shake shack milkshakes that may have been bleached

The NYPD opened an investigation after officials fell ill and found early Tuesday morning that employees had committed no crime, according to a tweet from NYPD detective chief Rodney Harrison. “After a thorough investigation by NYPD investigators in Manhattan South, it was found that (Shake Shack) employees had committed no crime,” the tweet said. The officials bought the drinks around …

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Israeli researchers show what happens to critically ill coronavirus patients – Science & Health

Researchers in Israel have succeeded in determining the biological processes that characterize seriously ill COVID-19 patients compared to only slightly affected patients. The researchers, led by Prof. Ido Amit from the Department of Immunology at the Weizmann Institute for Science in Rehovot, examined the differences between the seriously ill and the lightly ill. They based their analysis partly on the …

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With a view to the coronavirus pandemic, NASA developed a ventilator that can help critically ill patients in just over a month

Receive the latest news about coronavirus and more in your inbox every day. Login here. NASA is no stranger to incredible success – sending men and women to the moon, exploring the depths of space with the Hubble Space Telescope, and visiting Mars several times. As the planet addresses the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the space agency designed a …

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Corona virus live updates: Trump calls relaxing restrictions “the biggest decision I’ll ever make”

“There are two sides,” added Mr. Trump, who at some point wanted to reopen the country by Easter. “I understand the other side of the argument very well. Because I’m looking at both sides of an argument. However, I listen carefully to them. “ The new federal projections obtained from the New York Times come from the Homeland Security, Health …

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Coronavirus damages the brain and nerves of the HALF of seriously ill patients and a third of all cases

The corona virus “damages the brain and nervous system of half of seriously ill patients and a third of all cases” and causes symptoms such as stumbling, speech disorders and seizures Neurologists examined 214 patients being treated for coronavirus in Wuhan, China Of these people, 36.4 percent had brain and nerve symptoms Recognizing these symptoms could help doctors identify patients …

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Arizona child becomes ill after eating baked flour disguised as baby food: report

Law enforcement in Arizona is investigating several cases where parents have allegedly bought manipulated packets of baby food that had been emptied and filled with baking powder. Madeline Roque told Phoenix last month that her nine-month-old daughter, Adeline, fell ill after consuming the contents of a pack of baby food purchased from Walmart. She said she fed her daughter with …

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