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Apex Legends door and death box kills kill players immediately

The popular Battle Royale game Apex Legends has had a number of glitches and glitches since the games were released in February, but this newly discovered door problem may be one of the most frustrating. Despite Respawn's best efforts, Apex Legends is not free from glitches in the game that can spoil the players a game. Since the start of …

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The Trump Administration declares that Title X's demolition restrictions will take effect immediately

T he Trump administration announced Monday that tax-financed family planning clinics are banned from referring women to abortion providers as part of the Title X family planning program. The Protect Life Rule, which has many abortion rights Proponents call a "gag rule" that not only stops the transfers of abusers, but also dictates that no abortion provider receives taxpayer money. …

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Trump: Mexico should immediately stop people crossing the border

President Trump Donald John TrumpThe chairman of the Trump Council of Economic Advisers leaves the administration. The Guardian editors say Trump is "not welcome" in the UK before his first state visit. Kushner doubts Palestinians' ability to govern themselves MORE reaffirmed on Monday its demand that Mexico cease all illegal immigration and drug smuggling. This is the most recent sign …

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Stanford scientists have made a sound so loud that it immediately boils water

Researchers from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University have produced underwater sound that is so loud that it vaporizes water instantly, apparently setting the threshold for the intensity of sound in the water. The scientists used the powerful X-ray laser from SLAC to irradiate tiny jets of water with short bursts of high-frequency energy. When the X-rays hit …

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Photos: This is how the Apple Card looks immediately

Over the weekend Benjamin Geskin published on Twitter the assertion that a wave of Apple employees receiving their own Apple Card credit cards in a semi-private beta phase. Geskin has posted photos of the alleged map units. Note, however, that he has provided the engraved name with a Photoshop to hide the identity of the source. The Apple Card comes …

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