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Fact check: Trump incorrectly claims that California is sending postal ballot papers to undocumented immigrants

“But in California, I hear the governor sent or shipped millions of ballots across the state,” Trump said in a press conference. “Millions. For everyone. For everyone. People who are not citizens, illegals, anyone who walks in California will get a ballot.” First facts: Trump is completely wrong. Newsom is only ordered for people who are registered for voting. Non-citizens, …

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California and philanthropists band together to give undocumented immigrants stimulus checks

“We are deeply grateful to people who are afraid of deportation but are still addressing the basic needs of tens of millions of Californians.” Newsom said Wednesday. “And that’s why I’m proud to be the first governor to announce a direct disaster relief program to these people.” Newsom said 10% of California’s workforce is undocumented. And even though they paid …

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Californian company Newsom announces a $ 125 million fund to illegally give coronavirus stimulus checks to immigrants in the state

Receive the latest news about coronavirus and more in your inbox every day. Sign up here. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans on Wednesday to pay cash to adult immigrants illegally living in the state to help them deal with the coronavirus crisis. The plan, which would use a mix of taxpayers’ money and corporate and philanthropic donations, will bring …

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The video, “You’re clapping for me now,” challenges the British to remember the roles of key workers from minorities and immigrants in the fight against Covid-19

Originally a poem by content director Darren Smith, “You Clap for Me Now”, his colleague Sachini Imbuldeniya converted it into a video. The work highlights the fact that Britain has become increasingly intolerant of minorities and immigrants in recent years, but many people with this background are hailed as heroes for their work during the outbreak, Smith told CNN. For …

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Judge blocks White House's health care requirement for new immigrants: report

A federal judge in Oregon blocked the trump administration. According to Wall Street Journal, the order, handed down by US District Judge Michael Simon, Prohibiting the policy from taking effect for 28 days. The next hearing is set for Nov. 22. The policy, which would have taken effect Monday, which has been introduced. to join family members. The White House …

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