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Google's fine of $ 5 billion is unlikely to impact

The European Commission awarded Google a record $ 5 billion penalty on Wednesday for Android makers to bundle Google Search and their Chrome browser on Android smartphones sold in Europe. The Commission also alleged that Google prevented phone manufacturers from using a "forked" (alternative) version of Android and making payments to "certain large manufacturers and mobile operators" to avoid bundling …

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"Fingerprint" of the climate impact of humanity seen in the seasons

Enlarge / Trends in the satellite-supported seasonal temperature cycle of the troposphere (red means greater temperature fluctuation, blue means smaller temperature fluctuations) One reason that climatologists could confidently determine That humans are responsible for modern warming lies because they have more than just weather data to work with. There are many places where a human cause can be identified if …

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Collateral Impact: The marijuana industry spreads its campaign contributions on both sides of the aisle | National, state and local politics

Although the marijuana industry is pumping large sums of money in election initiatives, its dollars are also reflected in the balance sheets of political campaigns in Colorado, a sign of the growing role of industry in public affairs. Donors range from the owners of pharmacies, especially large chains, to the law firms that run their business. A review of contributions …

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China's Yuan Drop Blindsides Traders, Spurs Worry on Impact

Global investors might shrug off a bearish Chinese domestic stock. Greg McKenna, a three-decade foreign-exchange veteran, said "I do not talk about the yuan much" in morning notes to clients. But that's not the case Wednesday. At one point Wednesday the yuan was down more than 0.5 percent against the dollar for a third straight day, unusually sharp move for …

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