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Everything new in iOS 14 Beta 4: Apple TV widget, search improvements, exposure notification API and more

Apple today released the fourth developer beta for iOS and iPadOS 14 for testing purposes, which has been used to optimize and refine some of the functions and design changes included in the update. Changes will be smaller and less noticeable as the beta testing phase progresses, but there are some notable new features in the fourth beta that we …

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VanMoof’s S3 and X3 e-bikes are cheaper and full of improvements

However, do not be fooled by the well-known silhouettes. “Everything is different under the hood,” Job Stehmann, Product Manager at VanMoof, told Engadget. “I think 90 percent of the parts are different.” VanMoof Like the S2 and X2, the new models have a 250-500W motor that allows you to reach 25 km / h in Europe and 32 km / …

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Consumer Reports: AirPods Pro offers "significant" improvements in sound quality, but Galaxy Buds is still best

AirPods Pro have received a lot of praise since their release last month thanks to improved sound quality, noise cancellation and more. Consumer Reports has now appeared with the full review of AirPods Pro. These enhancements do not appear to be enough to make Samsung the highest rated crown. Audio is an important factor for you that you can "do …

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Science shows improvements in Roman construction techniques – HeritageDaily

The Romans were some of the most sophisticated builders of antiquity. Over the centuries, they have been using more modern materials and technologies to create their famous structures. To distinguish the periods in which these improvements took place, historians and archaeologists usually measure the colors, shapes, and textures of bricks and mortar used by the Romans along with historical sources. …

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Prime Editing, a new gene editing technique, may offer improvements over CRISPR: Shots

Scientists are exploring a new technique called prime-editing, which is more precise than CRISPR and where certain enzymes, including reverse transcriptase, are used to edit DNA. Evan Oto / Science Source Hide Caption Switch caption Evan Oto / Science Source Scientists are exploring a new technique called prime-editing that is more precise than CRISPR and that uses certain enzymes, including …

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