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The Indian space research organization’s Mars Orbiter mission captures the image of the largest moon on the red planet, Phobos

The picture was taken on July 1 when MOM was approximately 7,200 km from Mars and 4,200 km from Phobos. Bangalore: The Mars Color Camera (MCC) on board the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Mars Orbiter Mission captured the image of Phobos, the next and largest moon on Mars. The picture was taken on July 1 when MOM was approximately …

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Huge tectonic plate shatters under the Indian Ocean

The huge tectonic plate under the Indian Ocean goes through a rocky separation … with itself. According to a new study, this plate will split into two parts in a short time (geologically speaking). For humans, however, this separation will take forever. The plate, known as the tectonic plate India-Australia Capricorn, splits at a snail’s pace – about 1.7 millimeters …

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Amazon Prime Video for the global premiere of 7 Indian films as the cinemas remain closed – TechCrunch

Amazon has secured the right to premiere seven Indian films that were originally scheduled to go straight to its Prime Video One-step, on-demand streaming service that has prompted two major cinema chains to express “extreme displeasure” and “disappointment”. The e-commerce giant, which is reportedly having talks about buying the AMC theater chain, announced on Friday that it would release these …

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Rishi Kapoor, Indian film legend, dies at the age of 67 – Variety

Rishi Kapoor, one of India’s most popular film actors, best known for his romantic roles, died. He was 67 years old. Kapoor was hospitalized in Mumbai on Wednesday. “He has cancer and some breathing problems, so he was hospitalized,” his brother Randhir told Indian media Wednesday. Kapoor died Thursday morning, a day after the death of another Indian star, Irrfan …

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The Indian actor and life of Pi Star was 53 – Variety

Irrfan Khan, the big-eyed actor who enjoyed art house recognition and crossover success with Hollywood roles like “Life of Pi”, “Jurassic World” and “Inferno” in his native India, died on Wednesday. He was 53 years old. Khan was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor in 2018 and treated extensively in London. He recovered well enough to make his last film, Angrezi …

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