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Felix Sater was an informant to Feds about Mob and Bin Laden, the doctors reveal

"For about 10 years, Sater has been working continuously with prosecutors and law enforcement officials to provide information that is critical to the conviction of more than 20 different people, including those responsible for the massive financial fraud La Cosa Nostra, family members of organized crime and alien cybercriminals, "wrote the prosecutor's office 10 years ago to a federal judge. …

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Kim Jong Un's half-brother was a CIA informant before his murder: Report

Kim Jong Un's half-brother worked as a CIA informant before being brutally murdered at a Malaysian airport in 2017. Kim Jong Un's half-brother worked as a CIA informant in 2017 before being loudly murdered at a Malaysian airport on Monday. Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il The journal quoted "a person who knows …

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F.B.I. Uses informant to investigate Russia's relationship with campaign, not spy, as Trump claims

After opening the Russia investigation about a month later, they took steps to monitor the details of the investigation more closely than in a typical national security investigation, including using the informant to find out information from the unsuspecting targets. Sending F.B.I. Agents to interview them would have created additional risk that the investigation's existence would come to the fore …

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& # 39; Green Moon & # 39; Social Media Post recurring joke | informant

Is it true that the moon turns green on April 20? no. The claim, which appears in countless posts on Facebook and Twitter, dates back at least a few years and contains references to marijuana "On April 20, several planets will align, which will cause the earth's moon to approximate Appears green for 90 minutes, "says the text, which stands …

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