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The gravity-bending story of NASA's ingenious space pen

Growing up as a kid in the US in the 1960s, I was delighted to drink Tang, because by virtue of John Glenn's gulping of the fruit-flavored drink on NASA's Gemini missions, it became known as the "drink of the astronauts ". Drinking Tang made me feel connected to the broader cosmos. It was not until many years later that …

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Scientists unveil the nature of the Mars Mountain with ingenious technology and a curio rover

Mount Sharp is visible from the Curiosity camera. Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech Scientists working with the Curiosity Rover used a piece of navigation equipment – an accelerometer like the one in their mobile phone – to make a device important about the mysterious geology of Mars. Curiosity is currently moving around Mount Sharp, a 5 km high mountain in the …

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ingenious physicist, humanitarian – and racist?

In 1922, the same year that he received the Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa set out on a 5½-month odyssey to discover a new world: the Far East and the Middle East. Along the Sun, he was celebrated by a Japanese Empress and had an audience with the King of Spain. He also kept a …

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