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The baby raptor discovered in Alaska may have been a permanent inhabitant of the ancient Arctic

Analysis of the tip of a petrified jawbone just 14 millimeters long in Northern Alaska showed that the creature was a kind of dromaeosaur, a group of predatory dinosaurs closely related to birds, of which the velociraptor, the dinosaurs, belonged have terrorized “Jurassic Park.” The jawbone would have been from a young dinosaur chick, and the early developmental stage of …

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NASA expects to buy more Soyuz seats for astronauts for $ 85 million per inhabitant in 2020: reports

According to media reports, NASA expects next year to buy even more seats aboard Russian Soyuz spaceships International Space Station (ISS) since 2011, when NASA launched its space shuttle Fleet shut down. NASA relies on US private vehicles to solve the problem and has promoted the development of these vehicles through the agency's Commercial Crew Program. However, this work took …

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The 81-year-old South Korean is the only inhabitant of a remote island

No woman is an island – unless you are Kim Sin-yeol. The 81-year-old former South Korean freediver lives alone on one of the Dokdo Islands, a long-contested volcanic eruption four-hour boat ride from civilization. Kim is the only permanent resident of the secluded boulder between Japan and South Korea in the Eastern Sea, where bad weather can cut her off …

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South Korean Widow, 81, sole inhabitant of the disputed island

The Dokdo Islands, which are currently administered by Seoul, are located in the Eastern Sea, according to South Korea. However, Japan refers to the islands as Takeshima and refers to their surrounding waters as the Sea of ​​Japan. The couple were the only permanent inhabitants of the small islands for years, although other people, such as police officers, lighthouse operators …

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6 children under 9 attack by inhabitant stabbed in the housing complex asked to leave

Nine people, including six children, were hospitalized, some with life-threatening injuries, when a man in a complex of apartments in Boise, Idaho, where many refugee families live, conducted a police raid. A 30-year-old man, identified by police as Timmy Kinner, was arrested on Saturday night in connection with the attack. ABC News Boise police investigate apartment complex in Boise, Idaho, …

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