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SpaceX's Starlink Internet already connects some devices. You need to know the following

After all, the company plans to run thousands of satellites orbiting the planet at speeds of 300 to 700 miles. The project is called Starlink, and if successful, it could change the landscape of the telecommunications industry forever. It can also bring tens of billions of dollars to SpaceX each year, as Starlink competes with existing Internet providers and can …

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New report on SpaceX's Starlink internet plan does not mention Starship

SpaceX wants to surround Earth with a vast network of Internet-providing satellites called Starlink. Financial analysts at Morgan Stanley Research estimated the project could grow to $ 52 billion, possibly up to $ 120 billion. However, SpaceX has staked nearly 1000 times its maximum network of 12,000 to 42,000 satellites, which would not be a major investment. A new Morgan …

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With Steam, you can soon play local multiplayer games over the Internet

Steam is preparing to launch a new feature called "Remote Play Together," which allows you to "play" local multiplayer games over the Internet with friends as though they were in the same room. "announced Valve on Developer new features through the Steamworks website before PC Gamer publicly announced its existence. The new feature is scheduled to be released in beta …

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& # 39; South Park & ​​# 39; banned from the Chinese Internet after a critical episode: Report

According to reports, content from "South Park" was removed from the Internet following a controversial episode criticizing Chinese censorship and the imprisonment of Muslim minorities. The Hollywood Reporter noted on Monday that Chinese government censorship has begun deleting every clip, episode and online platform of the show from the heavily regulated Internet. Searches on the Weibo social media site do …

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Quantum Internet has come one step closer to reality with the US Army's breakthrough in research

US. Army Research Laboratory 26. September 2019 Researchers at the University of Innsbruck, funded by the US Army, set a record for the transfer of quantum entanglements between matter and light – a distance of 50 kilometers was covered with fiber optic cables. Researchers said this would bring the quantum internet one step closer. In a non-linear crystal illuminated with …

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