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A new protocol for quantifying quantum data brings us closer to a future "quantum internet"

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Quantum-based communication and computing technologies promise unparalleled applications such as unconditionally secure communication, ultra-precision sensors, and quantum computers capable of solving certain problems with an efficiency unattainable by traditional computers. More recently, quantum computers are also seen as nodes in a network of quantum devices in which connections are made via quantum channels and data are …

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"Queen of the Internet" explains where the web leads next

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Mary Meeker, the acclaimed Internet analyst, released her annual" Internet Trends "in June, and the 2019 issue is a presentation with 333 slides that are both insightful and uncomfortable Truths is filled with the present and future of the connected world. Mary Meeker, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, gesturing at the …

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Crossed radiation can contribute to the construction of the "Quantum Internet"

Quantum Switch To work, quantum computers must be ice-cold, making their connection a challenge. Now, for the first time, a research team has found a way to create entanglements on a physical object – a step that could help connect future quantum computing systems to the outside world. "We have built a prototype for a quantum interconnect," said Shabir Barzanjeh, …

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"Ralph breaks the Internet", "Creed II" – Top Thanksgiving box office – Diversity

Disney's "Ralph Breaks the Internet" dominated the Thanksgiving box office and generated massive $ 84.6 million over the five days of vacation at 4,017 locations and $ 56 million over the weekend. The animated sequel is now considered that second-best Thanksgiving debut of all time behind the Disney title "Frozen," which earned $ 93.6 million in the first five days. …

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Mark Zuckerberg says he is a "Power User of the Internet"

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today held an appointment with reporters to discuss the significant changes the company has made to its third-party app development platform, as well as the unveiling of 87 million users – not 50 million as before – Thought – maybe her personal information was abused by Cambridge Analytica. Slate & # 39; s Will Oremus asked …

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