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Scientists invent new technology to print invisible messages | Science

The approach, developed by researchers in China, Forget lemon juice and hot irons, is a new way to write and read invisible messages paper coated with manganese-containing chemicals. Invisible ink graphic. Invisible ink graphic. Invisible ink graphic "Data leakage has become a global problem with terrible consequences, including outbreaks of war and severe economic and human life" Writing. " Writing." …

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Scientists invent a new way to create breathable oxygen on Mars

Scientists have found a new way in which future Mars researchers may be able to generate their own oxygen. Mars is far from Earth and can therefore generate breathable air on the ground. This would save money and effort if oxygen had to be transported from our own planet. A research team discovered this new oxygen-generating reaction by studying comets …

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Scientists invent a way to capture mysterious particles from the "dark world" in the Large Hadron Collider

A new article describes a method that allows particles from the "dark world" to be recognized directly by the Large Hadron Collider. So far, we could only perform indirect measurements and simulations, such as the dark matter visualization above. Picture credits: Zarija Lukic / Berkeley Lab After identifying the Higgs boson, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have targeted an …

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How Walmart tries to invent shopping in the shops to win Black Friday

Even as we make more and more online purchases, most retail is still in the real world – and no event underlines this fact better than Black Friday, the annual holiday shopping that does every Thanksgiving trade in the US consumed. According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday generated sales of nearly $ 8 billion last year. It's still the best …

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